Furnace and Heat Pump Repair Services in Houston, TX

We are blessed with relatively mild winter weather in Houston, but the nights can get chilly, and we do have the occasional cold spell. A reliable heating appliance installed and maintained by a qualified Armstrong Air dealer will keep your family warm and comfortable, no matter how frigid the outdoor weather may be.

Heating Appliance Options

If your furnace or heat pump is more than 10 years old, it may be time to consider upgrading to a new energy-efficient model. While your heating options may be limited by fuel availability, here are the most popular heating appliances:

  • Furnaces: Furnaces run on natural gas, which is abundant and relatively inexpensive. Propane and fuel oil models are available, but they are more costly to operate and maintain.
  • Heat Pumps: A heat pump operates in the same way as an air conditioner except the refrigerant flows in the opposite direction in the winter. Heat pumps transfer thermal energy from outside into the living area instead burning fossil fuel to produce heat. Since efficiency declines as the temperature drops, heat pumps are best suited for mild climates like ours.

Heating Equipment Safety and Efficiency

Since fuel costs fluctuate, it’s important to properly maintain your furnace or heat pump to experience maximum comfort and efficiency. Here are some common problems regular maintenance can help avoid:

  • Improper waste gas venting
  • Poorly calibrated air/gas burner mixture
  • Improper heating appliance installation

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What They Say

  • Ray with Third Coast Air & Heat goes above and beyond to do the work timely & complete. He makes suggestions to improve the air system quality and efficiency. We were totally impressed with his workmanship and communication, and the job costs are very reasonable. Will 100% recommend his service to others! Thank you Ray!

    Tommy & Peggy N.
    Rosenberg, Texas

  • We have found the owner, Ray Mehrens, to be of the highest moral integrity. In addition he is very dependable and trustworthy. We have recommended this company to our family and friends.

    Ron H.

  • Thank you for being honest and hardworking. We had received a quote from a competitor - they recommended a full unit replacement at $15,000. Not only did Ray tell us we didn’t need a new unit, he said ours was still under warranty (something the other company failed to tell us). Ray recommended that we insulate the house better. Ray put insulation into our attic and did some outside ventilation work. Now that we are in the heat of summer, not only is our house cooler than it was in the past, but our electric bills are lower! We have told all our friends about Third Coast Air! They are now our go-to company. We appreciate you and the work you did. It used to take out house until well after 10 pm for the ac to stop running. Not the case any longer!

    Stephanie & Michael Matlock

    Houston, Texas

  • Absolute best around! Will never use anyone else! Very reliable!

    Jessica Durbin

    Alvin, Texas

  • Integrity, fair pricing, friendly. Enough said!

    Lynda Hood

  • Thank you so much for working on my a/c. It was like you weren’t ever there! Which is a good thing. You didn't leave ANY lights on, no insulation all over the bathroom floor, a/c wasn't cranked down to 60– nothing! I am not used to someone being so conscientious about their work. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

    Catherine Baker

    Richmond, Texas

  • Ray has worked on three different AC systems for me. He does a great job for a fair price. He is honest and conscientious in his work and life. Ray treats every customer like he would want to be treated as a customer. You will not be disappointed. He is committed to customer satisfaction.

    Walter Urbish

    Rosenberg, Texas

  • Super friendly service and will work until job is done. Very reasonable prices.

    Ray Henzelka

    Wallis, Texas

  • Excellent and very reliable ! Wouldn't use anyone else!!!

    Carole Valusek